Tiny Wild is a handcrafted jewelry line based out of Atlanta, GA inspired by the natural world, ancient artifacts, and outdoor adventure. With an emphasis on artistry and quality, each pieces begins as a small wax sculpture before being transformed into recycled metals such as sterling silver, brass, bronze, and gold.

Tiny Wild was founded in 2014 by artist, designer, and Florida Native Margi (or MJ) Patneaude in Philadelphia, PA. Patneaude received her BFA in Graphic Design with an Emphasis in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, from Colorado State University, although her art education began long before that, growing up in a family of artists and designers.

Tiny Wild built it's business around the beauty found in the wilderness. It is our goal to do as little harm to the environment as we can, from the packaging you receive your jewelry in, to where and how we choose to produce our pieces. 

All of our jewelry is created using 100% recycled metals, from a green certified refinery, and our studio is run using eco-friendly practices.